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RelayClinical™ Illustrations

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The vibrant, full color illustrations within our Patient Education Programs give your patients an in-depth view and knowledge of the topic of their interest. Our detailed illustrations are placed directly in your website, retaining your viewers throughout their web session.

RelayClinical™ Illustrations Over 400 full color illustrations cover a range of medical procedures, conditions and concepts.

RelayHealth Patient Education Services make it easier than ever to access the latest in patient education material. Our award winning content is automatically refreshed quarterly, eliminating the need for IT support and content management, which saves you time and money. Your patients benefit from access to state-of-the-art materials that help them understand various medical conditions and the related medical directions and treatment options.

With content conveniently located right inside your practice website, physicians benefit from:

  • Access from virtually anywhere at anytime
  • Content searching made easy with indexing and search field navigation
  • User-friendly and convenient access
  • One-stop access for all patient education content right on your website
  • Eliminates costly upgrades to hardware, software and system back-ups

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