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New stuff looks awesome and we received our FIRST SURVEY YESTERDAY!!!  It was very positive and it was fun to receive in this way.

Shelly, Office Manager - Johnson County Ob/Gyn

We are already loving the web forms submitted thru the server!  Not only do they print correctly, but it does indeed allow us to do all of the data entry prior to the patient's visit!  We will need to develop a new process for these forms, but anticipate them truly helping our flow in the office.  

Thank you for convincing me to do this!

Anne, Practice Administrator - Drs. Hauck, Bianchi & Driscoll, PA

We have already had pts filling them out and submitting just exactly like they were asked to do!  I like it!  Thanks for all your help on this.  It should make all of our jobs easier.

Holleigh, Office Manger - Triangle ENT and Allergy

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secure forms and secure emailLife used to be so much simpler…

Remember those days before you ever heard of HIPAA and HITECH and OMNIBUS and whatever is coming next? And something is always coming next...

We started developing healthcare websites long before HIPAA began, and have been able to stay on the leading edge of what’s required and what’s possible ever since.

If you’ve ever researched vendors that provide Patient Forms or Patient Email systems that are truly compliant, you may have noticed that there are fewer and fewer lately – every new addition to the HIPAA regulations seems to cause a shake-out in this business.

There aren’t a lot of us left

Rather than becoming one of the “shake-outs”, we’ve strengthened our position in this market, providing a fully compliant solution to both patient forms and email. And you’ll be amazed to see how easy it is to work with either system!

Living in the past isn’t always a bad thing

Enroll your practice in our secure forms or secure email program and we can make worrying about HIPAA in these areas a thing of the past.