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What's the difference between Secure WebMail and regular email?

A Secure WebMail message is sent from one secure account to another, encrypted all the way. Both the sender and the recipient have passed confirmation of their identities before their accounts are set up. Regular email requires no real proof of identity at any stage, and contents are sent in plain text which is readable by anyone intercepting the message.

Does this system cost our patients anything? Will they resist using it?

Nothing whatsoever! And after they’ve taken the simple steps to respond to your invitation and enroll in the system, it’s as easy for them as their regular email is.

If we ask our patients not to include PHI in their messages, can’t regular email be HIPAA compliant?

The email address itself is considered private information! If someone were to hack into your practice's email account, just a listing of who you’ve sent or received email from is considered a HIPAA privacy breach.

Can we use our existing email address in your system?

Unfortunately not. Your secure account address can be set up as your existing address with the addition of “” added to it if you’d like.

Can we use the Secure WebMail program with other people we deal with besides patients?

Absolutely! You can send secure messages to others in your office, to referring practices, to people you work with at hospitals, surgical centers, labs, etc. All they need to do is enroll into the system like a patient would.

I was under the impression that secure email systems were very expensive.

They were, until we introduced our new Secure WebMail program. It’s specifically designed to fit the healthcare industry only, and not having to be “all things to all users” allows us to keep our prices this low.