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Sending and Receiving Secure Email

The Highland Group Secure Email program provides a simple, quick and totally compliant way for your practice and your patients to communicate with each other, as well as for your staff to send documents securely to each other or to other physician/dentist offices or healthcare facilities.

The program involves just 3 simple steps:

Registration – One-time easy registration for the people on your staff who’ll be sending or receiving secure email messages.

Invitation – An email sent to any regular email account facilitates the free registration of that person.

Retrieval – After notification of an incoming message and an easy log-in, a full-featured inbox presents all incoming, sent and filed messages.

A complete tutorial on the system follows:

Secure Email Program Registration

Once you’ve elected to enroll in our secure email program, you’ll be contacted by PHI-Gard, our associate who provides the secure email service. You’ll select a username and password at that time.

Do not share this password with anyone (including the Highland Group), or print it or write it down and leave it in an unsecured area.

Unauthorized use of your password violates the terms of our agreement.

In order to be able to receive and send secure email, you’ll need to log into your new mail account here. You’ll see the WebMail Login page:

WebMail Login

Enter your Username and Password and then click Login. You’ll see your WebMail Portal (next tab):

WebMail Portal

The WebMail Portal for your account displays all the standard features you’d get from any premium email client program:

WebMail Portal

A complete guide to each feature and service available through this portal is available here (login required).

To send a secure message to anyone who has already enrolled in the system, just click Compose and address it to that person’s .phigard address.

To send a secure message to a patient who hasn’t yet enrolled in the system, just click the Compose button and address it to the patient’s regular email address. The patient will receive a message from the system (see next tab):

Notification Message

If the recipient of your message hasn’t already enrolled in the Secure WebMail System, they’ll see this message:

Notification E mail

Once they click on Read Your Secure Email Message, they’ll see the Identity Verification message below:

Identity Verification

After entering their Name and Password and the Submit Registration button, they'll see the Confirmation page (next tab):

Registration Confirmation

Registration Pending

They’ll receive an email from the system:


Once they’ve clicked on the link, they’ve had their account created and approved and they’ll see the Access window.

Access Message

Entry of their password brings them to their own inbox, where they’ll see your message (as well as all future ones). They can securely reply to you as well.

If you have any questions or problems with the program,
please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us toll-free at 866-882-4552.