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How Secure Are They?

secure patient forms security

How Do They Work?

how do secure patient forms work

Pricing Details

Form creation, per page – $250
Monthly hosting and unlimited support – $24.95 per form

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secure patient forms babyStill making patients fill out forms in your reception area?

Some of them feel just like this

You’ve been there yourself…
The practice asks you to arrive a half hour early to “fill out their paperwork.”

Then you have to complete multiple forms, trying to remember all your meds and dosages, all your past surgeries, every chronic illness for everyone in your family…

It doesn’t all fit into those spaces on the forms very well.
And the pen they gave you doesn’t have an eraser (and maybe even has a plastic flower at the end of it!).

How accurate do you think your patients are going to be?

  • What if they could fill your forms out at home, where their records are available?
  • What if your staff could easily read everything they entered?
  • What if it arrived long before your patients even showed up at your office?
  • And you didn’t have to worry about HIPAA?

We can make life easier for everyone involved.