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What's the difference between a PDF form and a WebForm?

Basically, a PDF form can be an exact representation of your existing forms, and stays in that format throughout the cycle. WebForms can look much the same as your current forms and store submitted data in fields, which can be repurposed for many different applications.

What makes your Patient Forms Program HIPAA-compliant?

Completed secure Highland Forms never get transmitted via e-mail, or are stored on an unsecured server at any time. Even when your staff member retrieves the submitted forms, a username and password is required to access the secure server.

Our practice already has a Patient Portal – do we still need any other secure patient forms?

Patient portals are good for Patient Demographics and Health History forms (and often not much else, when it comes to forms). The most important forms on your practice website may be the “Call to Action” forms, like the Information Request or Patient Survey or Appointment Request or…  All these forms need to live in a HIPAA-compliant system (just like ours!).

Can a WebForm send me results in a visual format?

Most webforms out there provide results in a field name / field data format, like: Patient Name: John Doe, Patient Address: 1234 Main St., etc. Our Secure Webform allows you to see the completed form in the same format as what the patient saw when it was first viewed.

Can you make my existing patient forms more attractive and functional?

Absolutely! We specialize in making ordinary forms sparkle, adding logo elements, color, backgrounds and attractive typefaces to create visually appealing forms that your patients will want to fill out. We also make sure that every field is the right size and type, and that the patient can tab throught the entire form correctly.

I was under the impression that secure Patient Forms were very expensive.

They were, until we introduced our new Secure Patient Forms program. We commissioned a software development company to design an entirely custom Secure WebForms processing program, just for The Highland Group. Because this program fits our needs exactly with no extraneous features or extra functions, we're able to price it much less than what you've probably seen elsewhere on the Internet. And because we're seeing such a great demand for our program, we're able to keep our prices that way.