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Your website viewers see a lot of different websites, day after day. They have a good concept of what’s modern and what’s not.

A couple years is a long time in the Internet world. Patients who visit your site occasionally have been seeing the exact same thing for all that time.

So has Google – their Page Rank algorithm places significant value on fresh content; there’s no better way to stimulate a content makeover than a website makeover.

Plus, you might just love it.

A facelift for your practice – at a much better price!

There can be a big difference between having your practice website rebuilt vs. just giving it a fresh, new look. Both in the amount of time you need to dedicate to it, and the amount of money you need to spend on it.

If the content of your site is just fine but the way it’s presented leaves something to be desired or appears out-of-date, we can create a gorgeous new website without having to re-invent the wheel. And that means that once you’ve approved the look of your new home page you can forget about the redesign until it’s all done (surely you have better things to do). And it’ll affect your budget much less than a new site would.

Besides just changing the look of your current website, your new site will feature Responsive Design and be built in our Content Management System. A little bonus – it’ll usually perform better in the search engines as well.


medical website redesign beforemedical website redesign after

Like looking at a new model house

Ever gone through a model and then back to your current house right afterward? We can give you that same feeling – take a look at our Template Gallery and then look at your current website. We’ll be waiting for your call...

Special pages for special practices

Over the years, we’ve found there are several types of specialized pages that can make a big difference in the way a healthcare website can work for its viewers.

It’s one thing to just present all the information on all the appropriate pages of your site, but consolidating parts of it in order to give the patient a complete picture of what you have to offer can often go a long way.

The pages in this section don’t cost any more than any other website page, but they can be invaluable in making sure your viewers see what you’d like them to see.

medical website faq pagesFAQ Pages
A list of all the questions that you hear from your patients in an easily accessible format that can be a real time-saver for you both.


medical website first visit pagesFirst Visit Pages
Everything a new patient needs to bring to that first appointment all in one easy format.


medical website patient portal intro pagesPatient Portal Intro Pages
Tell your patients exactly how to enter your portal, and what they can do when they arrive.


medical website testimonial pagesPatient Testimonial Pages
Your website can say whatever you want about your practice, but nothing carries as much weight as what your patients say about you.


medical website photo gallery pagesPhoto Gallery Pages
Make your practice website much more warm and fuzzy to your viewers with a gallery of photos from an event that you participated in.


medical website video pagesVideo Gallery Pages
Videos give much-needed life to the average medical or dental website – copy them into a place where your viewers can see them all.


The Future of the Mobile Website is Already Here

Accelerated Mobile Pages – the name says just what it means. Recently Google started a collaboration of publishers and technology companies called the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. What they’ve accomplished is perhaps the most revolutionary improvement in mobile internet viewing ever.

More than half the people who browse the web use mobile devices. And they expect website pages that load fast (they’d really prefer pages that load instantaneously). Until recently, that just wasn’t happening – and impatient viewers just left a slow-loading page after a second or two and tried somewhere else.

amp and google e1472224343798Without going into a lot of technical details (you can read them here if you’d like), what happens is we use special software that creates an alternate version of each page of your site. This version removes everything from the page except for text and images (there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff that slows down a page load) and adds several codes and tags that tell Google how to handle the page.

When someone does a mobile search and finds your website, if Google sees an AMP version available it will present that one to the searcher. Your page should load significantly faster than the regular version would, and since Google is placing a high priority on page load speed, your page rank should improve as well. And remember, fast-loading pages are more-often-read pages...

You can see how this page looks as an AMP page below:

AMP screenshot.