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We’re living in the YouTube age

Several generations raised on a steady diet of television are very used to seeing things move when they look at a computer screen. In many cases, it’s pretty much expected. It’s no accident that all the websites we build have a home page slideshow to capitalize on just that idea.

Taking it a step further, many medical and dental practices have realized the value of including short video files in their website. Whether they’re videos of their docs performing procedures or explaining symptoms and treatments, their providers being interviewed on local TV stations, videos provided by suppliers (medical spa treatments, for example) or patient testimonials, videos give much-needed life to the average medical website.

Get your videos together

When video files are employed in a website, they’re often scattered around the site and are viewable only when someone comes across them. In order to gather them all in one place, we recommend a Video Gallery which contains a duplicate of all the videos on your site arranged by category.

If you’ve ever watched someone spend hours in front of YouTube looking at every suggested video they have, you’ll see why this could be a good idea...

medical website video gallery