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We’ll bet you got about halfway through looking at our Form Team website and then clicked back over here because you thought “This program has to cost a fortune” and then you could easily leave and go back to whatever you were doing.

Afraid not...

We know how tight budgets can sometimes be these days, and we’ve endeavored to make it very easy to go ahead and give us a try. Especially when you find that your staff is able to handle incoming patient forms a lot faster than they used to. And your users find our forms much more understandable and easy to complete.

  • The program is a complete turn-key system, hosted on our secure server.
  • All setup fees are one-time fees.  No additional charges for updates or changes, ever.
  • Monthly hosting fee includes unlimited phone and email support
  • No long-term contract – cancel whenever you wish


PricingPlans FormDevelopment

$99 setup, per page

  Quantity Discounts Available

  No Charge for Text-only Pages

PricingPlans Complete

$24 per month, per form

  Unlimited Support

  Unlimited, no-cost form submittals