Accessibility Tools

Wish you could tell everyone about what’s happening?

medical website news and announcements iconYou’ve got a website just sitting there...

Stuff happens: weather closures, local road closures, your phones go down, your office hours are changing, etc.

Good stuff happens, too: You get a new doctor or dentist, a new office, some new equipment, a new procedure, flu shots are in, time for back-to-school physicals...

Like a mini-blog that everyone just has to read!

Blogs are a great way to present all kinds of current info to your website visitors. They do, however, have a few drawbacks:

  • Someone has to write all that stuff
  • Visitors have to go to your blog page and actually read all that stuff

When you have news that you want people to see every time they visit your site, there’s no better way than a scrolling news feature.

All it takes is writing one sentence. Maybe adding a link to send them to a page on your site (or anywhere else you’d like). And you’re done.

Then everyone who goes to your site will see it in a scrolling text format. People just have to read scrolling text (it’s in their DNA or something).

No need to remember anything!

You can write your news headlines whenever you want to and set a date for them to start automatically. You can also set an ending date (announcements about flu season still running in July can be pretty embarrassing).