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Search Engines Like Your Services, Too

Having a page listing all your services is great, but it’s not going to get a lot of search engine attention.

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Having a separate page for each of your major servces – now you’re talking.

This way when someone in your area searches for Sinus Infections (for example) they might well be shown the page on your website that’s full of sinus information.

It’s called a Landing Page. We call it a New Patient.

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Optimizing Your Otolaryngology Practice Website

ENTwordcloudYour practice treates a lot of things. A lot more than your current patients know about; probably a lot more than new patients come to see you for.

Let them all know everything you do by using a comprehensive Services page. You can also add a Hot Button on your Home Page for each category you treat, just to help them along.


They Found Your Site, Now Keep Them There

AAO topAAO bottomWhen visitors to your site want to find out more about a partcular ENT topic, they can end up just about anywhere.

Keep them right there with Patient Education content from AAO-HNS, right on your website.

The Highland Group has worked directly with the Academy for over 10 years, doing exactly that. And we’ll add it all to your site for free!  < More info