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Use Your Soapbox

You have a perfectly good place from which to preach!

child vaccination

Pediatricians everywhere are trying to counter the efforts of the vaccination-scare groups out there.

Don’t be afraid to solidly state your vaccination policies, link to government and medical advocacy sites, and publish (or link to) an up-to-date vaccination chart.

It may be the only chance you have to add your influence to the fight!

It’s Where the Patients Are

There’s a huge online woman-to-woman network out there...

Social Media ObGyn Websites

It’s a safe bet that ObGyn and Pediatric referrals are a big topic on social media.

You can make it easier to be on the receiving end of those referrals by having an active presence on the major platforms.

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little girl on computerMommy, I found a new Pediatrician on the Internet and I want to go see him.

Never gonna happen. Yet most pediatric practice websites are full of primary colors, childish fonts, fairy tale images.

Here’s the thing: parents are the ones who look through pediatric websites and decide on which doctor to take their children to. And they’re pretty serious about who’s going to take care of their kids.

So instead of using valuable space for childish things, it might be best to work on instilling confidence and trust...

mother and sick child viewing pediatric websiteMaybe I should call the Pediatrician?

Parents constantly agonize over whether their child’s condition warrants calling the doctor; they don’t want to spend the time and money if it’s really nothing, but always want to err on the side of caution.

What if you made it easier for them? A page of common symptoms and suggested actions can be a great resource for worried patients. If your website was a book, it might be the most dog-eared page.