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If you’ve ever had any run-ins with HIPAA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, or even the Department of Health and Human Services, you have our sympathy. These encounters very rarely result in just a slap on the wrist, and can often chew up a great deal of your time and money.

You’d think every practice would tread very carefully in areas like this, but when you’re busy dealing with patients and providers and office staff, who has time for this stuff?

We do.

We’ve been developing medical and dental practice websites long before anyone ever heard of a Notice of Privacy Practices, and have been staying up to date with everything that’s come down the pike since then. There hasn’t been a single occasion of any of our healthcare websites causing the least little bit of regulatory or legal trouble for any of our customers in our 22 years of healhcare website development.

Pleading Ignorance Just Won’t Work

Having someone put together your practice website who has no experience with these issues is just asking for trouble. We can’t tell you how many sites we’ve seen with non-secure patient forms and email contacts, without any provision for non-English speaking or disabled website visitors. Whether these website designers know it or not, these are all very much against the rules, and it’s fairly easy for anyone to bring your website to the attention of the regulatory agencies.

Glance through the three main compliance issues shown below for a quick idea of what must be on your practice website, and how we can take care of all of it for you. So you can get back to those patients and providers and office staff...


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