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medical first visit patientEvery patient has a First Visit once

Their first experience with your practice shouldn’t involve dealing with something they forgot to bring. Especially if it’s something important and they have to reschedule. Doctor or dentist visits are often accompanied by anxiety; remembering to bring everything isn’t always a big priority.

Spell it all out

Besides just their insurance card, new patients should know when to arrive, what forms of ID are acceptable, which credit cards you accept for their co-pay, which referrals or medical/dental records they need to bring and which forms need to be completed.

How do they even get there?

A first visit is often a little difficult. A photo and map to your office can be a great help; if you already have them on your Our Practice page you can link to it or else place them right on the First Visit page (or both). Sometimes a brief mention of local construction or tips on where to park can help a new patient get there on time.

You might even reduce your no-shows

Some new patients are very nervous about the whole idea (you could be the first doctor or dentist they’ve ever seen), and are looking for any reason to talk themselves out of actually showing up. Easing their concerns about the whole front office procedure can often make it feel less threatening.

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