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How much will it cost them?

Less than they may think – eventually

Publishing at least a partial price list on your website can bring some substantial results.

Patients expect dentistry to be expensive, but they’re never sure just how much when they’re considering making an appointment.

Letting them know up front can give them a little time to talk themselves into realizing that the procedure they’re interested in is worth it after all – and it usually is.

Can you solve their problem?

Most likely...

How do they know that?
You’ll just have to tell them.

List every service that you provide on an Our Services page. Make sure that the name of the service is understandable by the average patient.

If you want the search engines to send viewers your way when they look for one of these services, it helps immensely to have a separate page all about each topic (or at least the important ones).

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Make the Most of Your Dental Practice Website

When deciding on the content for your new dental website, it’s best to consider what your viewers may be most interested in:
  • Can you solve my problem?
  • Will it hurt?
  • How will I look afterward?
  • What will it cost?
  • Can I trust you?
  • Are you sure it won’t hurt?

Trust is a Powerful Thing

It’s what makes a new patient go ahead and make that first appointment. And at this point, all they may have to go by is what they see on your website.

Bear that in mind when putting it together, and consider how your site will look compared to others that your viewers will likely see.

Before and After Sliders

Patients really want to see an example of what they could look like after they’ve seen you for a cosmetic procedure, and the old side-by-side “smile gallery” often leaves viewers a little cold.

Our Before and After Sliders present a much more dramatic presentation that’s easier to visualize.

You Won’t Feel a Thing

Dental Pain

Many potential patients are just not going to go to a dentist because of one painful experience, most likely many, many years ago.

They’re still not going to go unless you can convince them that dentistry has changed a lot over that time. Don’t be afraid to lay it on a little thick...

Patient testimonials can go a long way towards getting them to believe you.