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Showcase Dermatology

Before, During and After

Because there are so many different treatments available for dermatologic conditions, things can get a little confusing for your patients.

Between having to know what to do to prepare for treatment, what will actually happen during it, and how to care for the area afterwards – it can be a bit daunting.

Pre post op forms

A set of printable PDF files for each treatment can help alleviate a lot of stress, a lot of phone calls to your office, and a lot of unprepared patients.

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sunburned teenagersPeople need to take Dermatology more seriously

Most everybody has spent way too much time in the sun, especially growing up. How many of them see a dermatologist for a regular checkup?

A section of your dermatology practice website can help in convincing them to do exactly that. They wouldn’t be looking at a dermatologist’s site if they weren’t concerned about something – try to make them understand what should happen next.

Before and After Sliders

Patients really want to see an example of what they could look like after they’ve seen you for a procedure, and the old side-by-side images often leave viewers a little cold.

Our Before and After Sliders present a much more dramatic presentation that’s easier to visualize and seems more like the “real thing.”.

Conditions and Cures

Because there are many different treatments available for many of the dermatological conditions that your practice treats, it can become fairly confusing for your patients.

A well-appointed dermatology website will contain a set of Services pages as well as a set of Conditions pages. This is a perfect opportunity to add a little cross-linking and help eliminate a lot of the confusion.