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Medical Website Template Features

Template Information:

  • These templates are not designed specifically for any particular website type – the samples you"ll see in our collection are not medical or dental in nature, but can be used for any type of healthcare website.
  • These templates contains “slide show” panels and drop-down menus; these features are available for use in your website at no additional charge.
  • The templates contain many different “modules” (blocks of images and/or content) which can be turned on or off at will. Your website will only need to display the content areas that you desire.
  • Template backgrounds and accent colors can be changed to the color of your choice (see our Color Chart).
  • The template logo as well as all text and images will be changed to whatever you desire.
  • There are thousands of 3rd-party extensions available to add features and functionality to any template – please contact us for details.