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A blog is a great way to publish news and information about your practice right on your own website. Our Content Management System will easily incorporate a blog section into your site, and allow you to post articles and images whenever and wherever you'd like.

medical website practice blog sample

Blogs are ideal ways to keep your patients and referring partners informed about what you're doing now and what's new in your practice. Success stories that you've been a part of, new providers or clinical staff, new equipment, new procedures – the list goes on and on.

There's an extra benefit to running a blog on your website – search engines love them! Regular addition of keyword-rich content goes a long way toward improving your site's Page Rank and improving your position in search engine results.

Your blog will appear in a standard blog format, with a lead article (the most current) in one column across the top of the page, followed by previous articles in a two-column format. Each article will be shown as intro text with a Read more... legend that links to the full article, allowing a large number of articles to be shown on the main blog page. Articles can contain images, links, just about anything a regular web page can hold.

Your blog does not need to allow anyone but your staff to post to it - there's no danger of your patients or the general public generating any content or commentary.

We'll be happy to provide assistance in setting up your blog and get you started – or we can take care of posting all your new content to your blog if you’d prefer.