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It’s Where the Patients Are

There’s a huge online woman-to-woman network out there...

Social Media ObGyn Websites

It’s a safe bet that ObGyn and Pediatric referrals are a big topic on social media.

You can make it easier to be on the receiving end of those referrals by having an active presence on the major platforms.

Sometimes It’s Private

There are conditions that women don’t feel all that comfortable talking about with their friends.

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Things like vaginal prolapse. Urinary incontinence. STDs.

Providing a resource they trust can be a big help, and it’ll assure that they’ll know the right treatment to seek (instead of what their sister-in-law would have recommended).


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OB InfoPregnancy Leads to Babies – and Lots of Questions

A woman’s first pregnancy often brings a world of uncertainty. Questions abound, and it would be just great with your patients if you could answer them right now. They can call your office each time, or search all over the Internet – or go to your website.

You know what the preferred choice is. Publishing definitive articles on these topics not only gives them the right information, it also frees up your staff people.


A New Arrivals Gallery can be a great referral source

Providing an area on your website where patients can upload photos of their newborns can help make everyone happy. Mom and Dad have a great way to let everyone see the baby, and some of those friends and relatives looking at your website may just become patients someday...