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Retrieving, viewing and processing your practice forms

secure patient forms collageThe Highland Group Secure Patient Forms program provides a simple, quick and totally compliant way for your patients to complete and submit your forms prior to arriving at your office, as well as to submit Patient Surveys, Appointment Requests, Information Requests, or any other secure communications document you may desire.

The program involves just 3 simple steps:

Registration – One-time easy registration for the person on your staff who’ll be receiving form submissions.

Notification – The staff person receives a notification of a form submission at their email address.

Retrieval – After an easy log-in, a click on any form listed displays a view of the completed form.

A complete tutorial on the system follows below.

Program Registration

In order to be able to receive and view submitted forms, you'll need to register with our encrypted email system. Click here to open the Registration form:

SecureSend Registration

Enter your name, the email account you want to use to view form submittals, and a password of at least 8 characters including both letters and numbers or symbols.

Do not share this password with anyone else (including the Highland Group),
or print it or write it down and leave it in an unsecured area.

Unauthorized use of your password violates the terms of our agreement.

Click Submit Registration and you’ll see the confirmation screen (next tab)

Registration Confirmation

The system will need to ensure that the email account you entered is actually yours, and will send a confirming message to that account.

SecureSend Registration Pending
When you receive the confirming email, click on the link and your registration will be complete.

SecureSend Confirmation

Receiving Form Submissions

When a visitor to your website completes your Secure Patient Form and clicks the Submit button, they're brought back to an acknowledgement page on your website.

That's when our Secure Patient Form system goes into action. You'll receive an immediate message at the email address(es) you registered, informing you that a Secure Patient Form has been submitted and providing a link to instant access to our secure interface:

Notification E mail

When you click on the Read Your Secure Email Message link, you'll be directed to the SecureLine Login page to access your account:

Note: If you ever need to see a submitted form that you’ve already viewed, click here and login, and you’ll be taken to your inbox where all current (less than the expiration date) forms will be available).

System Login

Identity Verification
Enter your password here and click View Message. You’ll then be taken to the inbox of all the form submission messages in your account.

Form Submission Inbox

View SecureLine Escrow Message
In the Attachments section at the bottom click on the desired form submission link (not the Download link – see below) and you’ll see the actual form as submitted by your patient (see next tab).

Viewing Previously Submitted Forms

You can see a list of all unexpired forms you’ve received so far just by clicking on the Message Center icon at the top left. See the Accessing All Submitted Forms tab below for more information.

Downloading Submissions

If you want to download the submission instead of just viewing it, click the Download link and your browser will display a dialog box asking for the location you’d like to save it to. The file will be saved as an .html file, and can be opened in any browser at any time in the future.


There are better, more secure ways to download form submissions. If you really need to be able to look at submitted forms at a later date you can either:

  • Avoid downloading entirely and have us extend the expiration date on form submissions so that they’ll be available in your inbox for a longer period, or

  • Have us create a secure Depository on the PHI-Gard server that you can download the forms to. Additional charges apply - please contact us for details.

Viewing Form Submissions

The completed form will show up in your browser window:

Form data shown below is not that of an actual patient, and is for illustration purposes only.

Patient Health History

Your staff can print a hard copy if desired, or can copy and paste the individual field entries if you transcribe patient data into an EHR or Practice Management System.

Forms will stay on the system for a maximum of 30 days, then be deleted. If you find that you need more time than that, please contact us to request an extension (additional charges may apply in some circumstances).

You can see a list of all unexpired forms you’ve received so far just by clicking on the Message Center icon at the top left. Click the Next arrow below for more information.

Accessing All Submitted Forms

After selecting the Message Center icon, you’ll see this screen


All the unexpired forms that have been submitted so far will show up in this list. You can click on any form listed in the Subject column to see that form (see the Viewing Form Submissions tab above).

All listings will have an icon at the left side; initially they’ll all be the Unread Form icon UnreadIconand the entire listing will be in boldface.If you click on any listing to read it the icon will change to the Read Form iconReadIconand the boldface will change to a regular font. You may have to refresh your browser to see an immediate change.

The icons at the right of each listing allow you to (from left to right) Open the attachment, Reply to the sender (The Highland Group), Delete the form and Reply with an Attachment to the sender (The Highland Group).

Form submissions that have been deleted or expired will still show up in the list but be unavailable for viewing. This allows you to see if you have in fact received the form while at the same time preventing the exposure of these forms’ data in the unlikely event of a HIPAA breach.

If you have any questions or problems with the program,
please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us toll-free at 866-882-4552.